Why ESN Card?

With your ESNcard you get a lot of great discounts (pub, disco, bar, pizzeria, restaurant, etc.). Local discounts in Ancona, national discounts in Italy and International discounts in Europe. Check out the tabs for all the deals and discounts. For more information about the ESNcard discounts check out the website: www.esncard.org

Also you need the ESNcard if you want to participate in every ESN activities. You can purchase an ESNcard for 10€.

Who can get the ESNcard from ESN Ancona? 

ESN Ancona can​ give the ESNcard only to erasmus students in Ancona and active members. We can't release the ESNcard to outgoing students!! 

How to take your ESN-Card?

You have to bring:

  • ID or Passport
  • 1 ID photo (fototessera) like in the example
  • 10€

Where can I take a passaport photo/fototessera?

In a box on Piazza Cavour. See the map below.


To make the ESNcard valid:

  • stick a photo on the card and fill in the card correctly and readable!
  • Bring your ESNcard with you when you want to buy a ticket for one of our activities.
  • It is required to bring the ESNcard or ESNcard number of the friends you are buying the ticket for with you.